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Ponad 20 lat wspieramy biznes. Doradzamy, jak podejmować i realizować trudne przedsięwzięcia. Czasem odradzamy.



Statyczna nakladka

Przewidujemy zachodzące zmiany, co pozwala nam dostosować strategię działania nawet przy najbardziej nietypowych sprawach.


Joanna Basińska

Statyczna nakladka

Zabezpieczamy interesy przedsiębiorców. Minimalizujemy zagrożenia i pomagamy w procesie realizacji projektów inwestycyjnych.


Rita Świętek

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Capital Market


Legal support for capital transactions is one of the main areas of our practice in which we have many years of experience.

In the field of equity investments on the private market, we handle both direct investments made by private equity / venture capital funds as well as investments made by funds of funds.

In addition, we provide legal services for the process of admitting and introducing shares to trading on the regulated market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as well as for the introduction of shares to the alternative trading system NewConnect.

The law firm’s experience is built on many years of practice, in which lawyers conducted, among others, the following projects:

  • organising comprehensive legal service for three National Investment Funds,
  • conducting several dozen legal due diligence researches, incl. a legal audit of one of the biggest web financial portals, a legal audit of telecommunications companies – providers of television, telephone and Internet services,
  • legal support for many investment and divestment processes, incl. legal support for investment carried out by a specialised investment vehicle, the essence of which is investing in venture capital funds, support for the divestment process involving several entities in the group of a leading fuel supplier on the Polish market,
  • legal services for the acquisition of over-the-counter (OTC) shares from a foreign shareholder in bankruptcy together with representation in proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection,
  • legal services for the purchase of a controlling stake in an employee-owned manufacturing company,
  • drafting the legal part of the prospectus and other documents for an issuer in the textile sector and for an issuer operating in a debt market,
  • drafting the legal part of the information document for an issuer that is an investment firm,
  • drafting the legal part of the prospectus for an issuer providing comprehensive debt service.

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