Statyczna nakladka

Ponad 20 lat wspieramy biznes. Doradzamy, jak podejmować i realizować trudne przedsięwzięcia. Czasem odradzamy.



Statyczna nakladka

Przewidujemy zachodzące zmiany, co pozwala nam dostosować strategię działania nawet przy najbardziej nietypowych sprawach.


Joanna Basińska

Statyczna nakladka

Zabezpieczamy interesy przedsiębiorców. Minimalizujemy zagrożenia i pomagamy w procesie realizacji projektów inwestycyjnych.


Rita Świętek

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  • Allegro – we provide support in concluding a body leasing agreement,
  • The most important operator of terrestrial radio and television infrastructure in Poland – we provide an opinion on a dispute worth PLN 200 million,
  • A major representative of the cement and construction industry – we advise on transactional projects,
  • We provide comprehensive legal support to a number of municipalities in Poland in relation to collecting fees and setting prices for the so-called rainwater,
  • We advise on public issue of bonds,
  • We advise on corporate conflicts in a company whose shareholder structure consists of local government units.


  • WPG – we provide comprehensive services for the sale of real estate at ul. Nowy Świat 2 in Warsaw,
  • Electronic systems vendors – we provide legal support in the division of the business between the parting shareholders,
  • A water distributor – we assist in an asset deal worth PLN 65 million,
  • We provide legal representation in a multi-level corporate conflict concerning the use of telecommunications networks by two major telecommunications operators in Poznań, including advice on concluding an agreement to end the dispute,
  • INEA – we represent the Company before the Supreme Court in a dispute over the issue of telecommunications networks and in a successful dispute over combating unfair competition,
  • We prepare a succession project for an importer of recognised sports brands,
  • For a leading manufacturer of high-quality wood-based products from a German capital group, we prepare a transaction regarding a post-use wood recycling installation,
  • We advise on a complex transaction for the acquisition of rights and obligations under agency agreements in a telecommunications company, as well as on the acquisition of the Organised Part of the Enterprise,
  • We conduct a nationwide series of training sessions on the BDO (Waste Database) following the amendment of the relevant legislation, we advise companies in the waste industry,
  • In cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań we organise a training on copyright in the construction process with a special focus on the design process for architects, investors, contract engineers and construction project managers,
  • he Law Firm is a partner of the 100th anniversary of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań,
  • Meditrans – we advise on a joint venture agreement with a partner from Slovakia,
  • Eneris – we advise on a transaction in Onico,
  • Winning a dispute conducted under FIDIC arbitration procedure, over PLN 9 million due to the City of Poznań.


  • IT.integro – we advise on company mergers,
  • Prochem – we advise on corporate conflicts of a public company,
  • A manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers – we assist in the establishment of a research and development centre for new technologies in electric transport,
  • The City of Poznań – we provide legal support in the construction of a tram line to Naramowice (an investment worth over PLN 300 million, one of the key municipal investments implemented with EU support),
  • Comprehensive remodelling of the direct sales system of an American household products chain (Tupperware),
  • A leading oil company – we advise on transmission infrastructure investments,
  • A transport and breeding industry powerhouse – we advise and support in the process of transforming the entity into an sp. z o.o. Sp.k [Limited Liability Company Limited Joint-Stock Partnership],
  • Tell – we advise in the process of acquisition of a telecom sales network.


  • We provide training in the IT industry – we are speakers at IT Meetnight conferences. We touch upon such topics as copyright law in IT contracts and the pitfalls of open source software,
  • We train clients’ employees involved in the process of negotiating and executing IT contracts in, among other things, licensed software distribution models and change management in an implementation project,
  • We organise a training course in Warsaw on legal services in the IT area dedicated to legal practitioners.


  • A well-known representative of luxury clothing brands – we design and conduct the transformation of an entrepreneur into an sp. z o.o. [Limited Liability Company] (succession project in a family company),
  • A major railway entrepreneur – we advise on the exit from companies also affiliated with a chemical company of the State Treasury. We create and negotiate the agreement,
  • A leading water producer – we advise on the negotiation process for changes in shareholder composition and loan restructuring,
  • A fuel champion – we advise on the acquisition of shares in a risky distribution company,
  • We provide legal support for the squeeze-out process at a leading furniture manufacturer from a large corporate group,
  • We provide legal services in almost 300 court, enforcement and administrative proceedings across the country for a leading fuel company.
  • We provide training on key contractual clauses in construction contracts to the employees of one of Poland’s largest fuel companies.


  • A packaging manufacturer – we represent a minority shareholder of a company in a dispute with other shareholders and we draft and negotiate settlements concerning the transfer of shares for redemption to the company,
  • Europhone – we advise in the process of acquisition of the Organised Part of the Enterprise, which includes the network of T-Mobile points of sale,
  • The City of Poznań – winning a dispute over a PLN 6 million claim by one of the consortium members implementing an investment project in the centre of Poznań,
  • A well-known cosmetics manufacturer – a dispute between a group of shareholders and its management over the appointment of supervisory board members,
  • We conclude a settlement related to the reconstruction of Kaponiera Roundabout closing the accounts with the Spanish contractor,
  • Restructuring of bond debt for the water producer Dar Natury,
  • Winning a case for violation of moral rights in connection with the broadcasting of a programme on a local TV station in Poznań.


  • Retail Partner/Smartlife – restructuring of partnerships/amending partnership agreements,
  • Separation of shareholders in a well-known chain law firm – we defend the excluded shareholder, the dispute is brought before the Arbitration Court, and we conclude with a win-win method of settlement,
  • Dr. Max – we advise on the sale of shares of four entities running a chain of pharmacies to Dr. Max (an entity running a chain of pharmacies).
  • We represent Allegro in two litigations concerning protection of moral rights and claims on the grounds of moral copyrights; the cases are considered precedent-setting and are resolved by the Supreme Court.
  • DTP – we advise on drafting and approving the prospectus,
  • Allegro – we advise on a spin-off of the Organised Part of the Enterprise associated with the operation of one of the internet classified services,
  • IT.integro – acquisition of the Organised Part of the Enterprise involved in the implementation of ERP and CRM IT products,
  • INEA – we represent the company before the Supreme Court in a case to determine the non-existence of resolutions of a shareholders’ meeting in one of its subsidiaries,
  • A fuel concern – we investigate the legal effects of a cross-border merger of rail carriers,
  • OEX – we advise on an investment in a company which is an expert in creating high-end e-commerce solutions and products for global B2B and B2C companies, as well as companies specialising in Field Marketing and Trade Support,
  • We intensively develop our cooperation with the City of Poznań in terms of legal support related to the city’s development. We provide legal advice on a number of investments and related disputes with contractors and subcontractors: Dolna Wilda Viaduct, Kaponiera Roundabout, ICHOT – Ostrów Tumski Interactive History Centre, redevelopment of ul. Św. Marcin as part of the EU project Centre Programme – stage I and stage II, comprehensive redevelopment of the Poznań Palm House and Rataje Roundabout, construction of the Grunwaldzka integrated transport node (E20 interchange), redevelopment of the traffic system of the Wola interchange and Koszalińska interchange, Berdychowska Footbridge, redevelopment of Śródka Roundabout and ul. Taczaka, construction of a tram route in ul. Ratajczaka, renovation of the Old Market Square, legal services in the construction of a tram route to Naramowice, a tunnel in ul. Czechosłowacka, a viaduct in ul. Golęcińska, legal advice in the construction of intersections in ul. Golęcińska in Poznań and ul. Lutycka in Poznań, we represent the City of Poznań in court and arbitration disputes,
  • We provide opinions on many legal issues related to road management and the use of urban infrastructure.


  • One of the most widely read online business publications – contribution of the Organised Part of the Enterprise intended for running an informative internet service and intermediation in the sale of services to the SPV,
  • INEA – support for Warburg Pincus fund’s investment in INEA,
  • We assisted telecom agents in numerous transactions: due diligence, acquisition of the Organised Part of the Enterprise, shares, rights and obligations from agency contract packages,
  • Currency One – establishment of a joint venture by the online currency exchange company iWalutomat – we advise and support in the implementation of the transaction,
  • IT.integro (Microsoft partner) – we advise the majority shareholder on corporate conflicts, including dissolution of the company and exclusion of the shareholder. We advise on the construction of a settlement involving the exit of the minority shareholder from the company,
  • Avalon – we advise on a Swiss investment fund’s investment in a Polish joint stock company with a view to obtaining financing for the establishment of a German SPA to acquire the assets of the bankrupt German company.


  • A corporate conflict involving an arbitration in Amsterdam ended with a transaction on the shares of a company selling exclusive clothing brands online,
  • Rubicon Partners – advising on the transaction for a debt collection company listed on the WSE, preparation of a prospectus,
  • Mostostal-Export – we participate in the corporate war, we lead the restructuring of the company.


  • A fuel champion – we advise on projects related to investments in production facilities and the realisation of collateral, disputes with contractors,
  • PayU – we investigate the legal aspects of a gift card issue,
  • We help a developer listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange free itself from claims concerning a key property,
  • We take part in unusual projects: SkyCruise – Allegro’s huge airship circles the Polish sky – we advise on importing the airship with staff, projects for the film industry – we create agreements for the international film co-production Yeti Films with the participation of the PFI,
  • National Capital Fund – fund of funds, we handle transactions.
  • We advise on joint ventures – a development project that resulted in the creation of the Bałtyk skyscraper in Poznań.


  • We gain momentum in the IT industry. We implement the ‘Virtual telephone operator’ project, advise on the creation of an intra-corporate telephone network, secure trademarks, Internet domains and source codes of the largest auction portal,
  • E-commerce development. We advise Allegro and other Internet projects on how to protect Internet domains and software,
  • The era of IT implementations begins. We handle implementation projects and disputes – in total, over several hundred implementations of various IT products, including at a fuel market champion. AI-based projects emerge,
  • Allegro – we create regulations, secure IP and AT assets, advise on e-commerce issues,
  • PayU receives the status of a settlement agent from the NBP, electronic tools for money settlements via the Internet – we advise, represent, create documentation,
  • IPlex (Poland’s first Internet cinema) – created with our support,
  • We support the creation of the first Polish satellite navigation within a mobile application,
  • We support the following websites: Otodom, Otomoto, OtoWakacje, Ceneo, płatnoś,,
  • The CRS (dispute resolution centre for online transactions) is created – we provide up to several hundred pieces of advice and opinions a month, including those concerning consumer aspects for the service users, Allegro partnership programme,
  • INEA – implementation of digital television services: licensing and distribution,
  • We advise on domain disputes, including,,,
  • Walutomat – we advise on the creation of the first Internet exchange office,
  • We advise an oil company on how to protect Internet domains.


  • We represent over 300 creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings of Wirtualna Polska,
  • In the course of gaining experience we have developed a specialism in multi-level corporate disputes – W. Kruk vs Vistula & Wólczanka, i.e. a hostile takeover. We represent the interests of W. Kruk,
  • We are involved in the acquisition of Mostostal-Export, we handle a corporate dispute at JAS-FBG, we assist INEA in its dispute with the second largest operator in Poznań, and many other disputes, including those arising in smaller entities,
  • Corporate dispute – who is the shareholder in a mobile telephony products tycoon, and who is the shareholder in meat and shipping companies,
  • We represent a member of the management board in a dispute under Section 299 of the Code of Commercial Companies, which ended with the dismissal of the claim,
  • Mostostal Eksport – we assist in the changing of the guard in the company,
  • Lublin beer producer – we participate in a corporate war,
  • The listed debt collector GPPI – we advise in a corporate dispute,
  • Arvato – advice on creating a loyalty programme,
  • National Capital Fund – fund of funds, we handle transactions.


  • Due diligence and acquisition of a controlling stake in WTK – regional terrestrial TV, we get into media and advertising law,
  • Due diligence and acquisition, Kino Polska, Cafe News, Inotel,
  • We help take over PEKABEX in bankruptcy,
  • Due diligence and acquisition in a listed manufacturer of fiscal cash registers and online printers from Zabrze,
  • Due diligence of a leading meat producer, handling investment and subsequent co-investment, restructuring and divestment funds,
  • Innova – exit of a minority shareholder from a technology company,
  • Allegro – we begin cooperation with a promising auction portal in the middle of a high-profile corporate dispute. We support one of the parties. The settlement marks the beginning of a new phase in the company, which we continue to support legally to this day,
  • A series of mergers in a cable TV group – one of the largest independent telecommunications operators is created, buyout of a public shareholder,
  • BBI – advising on the Duda-Bis transaction and then advising on the corporate dispute and exit transaction from the entity,
  • Tell – conducting two sets of mergers of companies in a telecommunications group,
  • INEA – advising on a transaction in INOTEL,
  • A fuel champion – we lead a project involving investment and divestment of subsidiaries
  • We advise on a transaction involving Polkomtel shares,
  • INEA – we advise on an investment in the Astra coffee roasting plant in Poznań,
  • The Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications begins its activity – Włodzimierz Głowacki in the group of domain name arbitrators.
  • The new telecommunications law emerges. We provide consultations for the Ministry of Communications and business circles, advise Internet telephony operators (slow breaking of telecommunications monopolies),
  • We provide legal support to INEA and UPC,
  • We introduce cable TV to the world of telecommunications – voice over IP.


  • The beginning of the capital market. We introduce companies to public trading. We write prospectuses and handle issues. The National Investment Funds (NFI) programme develops – we help with the change of control over them,
  • We handle famous general meetings and participate in epic legal battles,
  • IPOs of listed companies: Amica Wronki, ZM Pozmeat, Art Marketing Syndicate, overnight drafting of prospectuses, meetings before the Securities and Exchange Commission,
  • A rapid change of control at 3 National Investment Funds,
  • Hostile general meetings in a certain cooperative bank and in an inconspicuous bee-keeping company,
  • Organisation of general meetings – over 100 NFI portfolio companies,
  • Investments and divestments in NFI portfolios.
  • The end of the 1990s was also the beginning of the development of the telecommunications market. We work for cable TV operators; we provide opinions on solutions for the new telecommunications law, TV-telephone-Internet services,
  • In the meantime, big infrastructure investments started. We start advising on court and arbitration disputes related to construction processes. We represent ordering parties and contractors, and then move on to provide comprehensive services for complex investments in buildings and linear structures – public procurement, FIDIC, EPC projects,
  • We are involved in a number of unusual projects such as: protection against unlawful use of promissory notes for multi-million amounts, construction of unusual contracts and agreements, liquidation of foundations with substantial assets and a number of projects with an international aspect.
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