Statyczna nakladka

Ponad 20 lat wspieramy biznes. Doradzamy, jak podejmować i realizować trudne przedsięwzięcia. Czasem odradzamy.



Statyczna nakladka

Przewidujemy zachodzące zmiany, co pozwala nam dostosować strategię działania nawet przy najbardziej nietypowych sprawach.


Joanna Basińska

Statyczna nakladka

Zabezpieczamy interesy przedsiębiorców. Minimalizujemy zagrożenia i pomagamy w procesie realizacji projektów inwestycyjnych.


Rita Świętek

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News and analysis: We regularly publish articles and analyzes on the latest legal developments in the world of sport. Current issues, such as changes in anti-doping regulations, controversies related to players’ contracts or disputes regarding discrimination, are carefully described and discussed.

Legal Guides: For athletes, sports managers, lawyers and others, we provide practical guides on the most important legal issues in the world of sport. You can find information on negotiating sports contracts, securing copyright, how to resolve disputes and much more.

Sports Law Analysis: Based on our expert knowledge, we analyze the sports rules of various organizations and sports. We explain what are the rules and regulations applicable in a given discipline and what are the consequences of violating them.

Analysis of case law and specific cases: We present real cases related to sports law that have had an impact on the world of sport. We analyze their course, court decisions and conclusions that can be drawn from a given case, based on our own experience.

Interviews with experts: We publish interviews with lawyers specializing in sports law, sports activists and athletes who share their experiences and knowledge about the legal aspects of sport.

Legal documents: We provide important legal documents related to the world of sport, in particular we analyze the most important amendments related to sports law.

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