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Ponad 20 lat wspieramy biznes. Doradzamy, jak podejmować i realizować trudne przedsięwzięcia. Czasem odradzamy.



Statyczna nakladka

Przewidujemy zachodzące zmiany, co pozwala nam dostosować strategię działania nawet przy najbardziej nietypowych sprawach.


Joanna Basińska

Statyczna nakladka

Zabezpieczamy interesy przedsiębiorców. Minimalizujemy zagrożenia i pomagamy w procesie realizacji projektów inwestycyjnych.


Rita Świętek

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New technologies, Internet


We advise on the legal aspects of conducting business with the use of new technologies, especially with the use of the Internet. As part of this service, we provide, among others:

  • drafting agreements for the creation and transfer of rights to IT products, ensuring the rights to created software and other works,
  • handling transactions involving the disposal of Internet services (sale, lease) and the acquisition (change of subscriber) or use of Internet domains,
  • drafting agreements for the use of software and IT services, including hosting, network access and data transmission services,
  • investigating the legal status of and handling transactions involving companies from the IT industry, their organised parts and individual assets (e.g. software or other Internet products),
  • advice on the rights and obligations of subscribers and telecommunications service providers, as well as on the use of telecommunications networks,
  • support in the recovery of rights to use an Internet domain registered abusively.

We also provide comprehensive legal services to companies operating in the e-commerce industry. As part of this service we provide:

  • issuing opinions on the acceptability of a given type of activity in the Internet environment under the applicable legal order,
  • drafting legal documentation related to the operation of e-commerce ventures; online service regulations, model contracts, additional information on the principles of online service operation, procedures for alternative dispute resolution,
  • auditing existing websites in terms of compliance with the law of the conducted activity and the completeness and legality of the documentation held,
  • drafting legal documentation on the creation and use of databases and on the exploitation and protection of rights to Internet domains.

We advise on the use of electronic media to conclude contracts, settle transactions, send information, organise general meetings of capital companies and settle litigation matters.

We provide comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs using telecommunications networks in their activities:

  • we draft agreements concluded in the course of such activities between professional market participants, as well as draft agreements and general terms and conditions for the provision of telecommunications services to end users,
  • we represent telecommunications undertakings in proceedings before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.
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