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Ponad 20 lat wspieramy biznes. Doradzamy, jak podejmować i realizować trudne przedsięwzięcia. Czasem odradzamy.



Statyczna nakladka

Przewidujemy zachodzące zmiany, co pozwala nam dostosować strategię działania nawet przy najbardziej nietypowych sprawach.


Joanna Basińska

Statyczna nakladka

Zabezpieczamy interesy przedsiębiorców. Minimalizujemy zagrożenia i pomagamy w procesie realizacji projektów inwestycyjnych.


Rita Świętek

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IT, New technologies


We deal with all legal issues related to computer software, IT products, hardware and related to the processing, transmission, storage, protection and presentation of information. We provide our clients with legal assistance in the process of building and implementing complex computer systems supporting important business processes – production, logistics, etc. We help in obtaining appropriate authorizations for the ready-made components used in the developed software. We support clients at the stage of purchasing service and technical support (maitenance).

We advise on the legal aspects of doing business with the use of new technologies, especially with the use of the Internet.

We advise on the use of electronic media to conclude agreements, settle transactions, send information, organize general meetings of capital companies and settle litigation matters.

One of the main areas of interest of our lawyers are legal issues related to starting and conducting business on the Internet. Thanks to many years of service for Internet companies such as: Internet providers, entities running thematic portals and online stores, entities providing transaction services (online auctions), as well as offering online tools for making payments, we got to know both the specifics and the regulatory environment of Internet service operators.

The service we provide to e-commerce companies is comprehensive. We deal not only with issues closely related to new technologies, but also all other legal aspects of current business activities, including issues related to consumer protection, personal data protection and tax optimisation.

The law firm’s experience includes, among others:

  • drafting and negotiating agreements on the implementation and servicing of IT products for the IT department, including those based on ready-made software provided by third parties, including foreign ones,
  • drafting agreements on the transfer of rights or rights management to computer software and agreements on software technical support services,
  • legal support for transaction regarding the sale of an organised part of the enterprise of a company dealing with the implementation of IT solutions for business management,
  • drafting a set of documents (agreements, regulations) for the first cinema and Internet exchange office on Poland Internet, as well as for an online auction platform, an online service for group buying and an online service offering top-up services for mobile phone users,
  • advice on the process of setting up and obtaining the status of an acquirer within the meaning of the provisions on electronic payment instruments and legal assistance for one of the leaders in the online payment industry in connection with the adaptation of general terms and conditions of agreements to the requirements of new legal regulations on payment services,
  • legal assistance in the process of regaining the rights to use Internet domains,
  • opinions regarding the possibility of conducting gambling, pharmacological, advertising activity or the sale of alcoholic beverages using the Internet.
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